The Netbook – Cloud Computers Are Here!

Netbooks are one of the most useful new tools on the market designed for portable computing which are available to the masses. However with these tiny computers there is a small catch. The amount of storage space and RAM available to the user. Hence the second aspect to the netbook and possibly the most obvious. They are for internet use. On the news we are continuously hearing about the way that computers are going to stop needing on-board applications as such but run completely via the net.

Coming soon (some point this year) is a new operating system called jolicloud that is designed solely for the netbook and guess what one of the main features are.

Well just look at the Apps Directory:

Now is it just me or does this screenshot look like this OS is designed for high interaction with online web services. I mean judging by this I would say that jolicloud comes with any form of word processor or email client. It does however come with a media player in the form of Miro a media player designed for downloading and watching internet tv. And these are just the featured apps!

Mozilla Fennec is a good candidate for making life for netbook users a little easier. Find out more.

I think that news stations and even the world needs to face up to the FACT that cloud computing isn’t yet to come but that it is already here. Here is something very simple to prove that. If you buy a new computer and it is not able to connect to the internet then in all essence you would say it is broken or in complete and just look for something else.

I have also attached some of my concept designs that would help make fennec more netbook freindly.


How can I have been so stupid. There is something about the name jolicloud that rings some alarm bells. jolicloud. Duh! this is what becomes of writing your posts when your tired. Well, never mind. This only helps support my theory that cloud computing is already here and it is here to stay.